Nibiru Geotracking

Our custom geotracking system according to the requirements of your company allows you to track your employees while traveling in the area.
This can provide crucial information in the case of intervention, both to optimize costs and to minimize the response time and better manage your resources.
The system is based on web technology and is available today for devices iPhone, iPad, iPod, and also soon on Android.
Check the position of our people simply by looking at the map below, regularly updated every 30 seconds.


Based on Google Maps Nibiru Tracking offers a tracking system of the iPhone location or iPad devices with the ability to integrate this solution into a custom system. Flexible and economical, Nibiru Tracking is an ideal solution for your business, pad as checking the position of your vehicle or your employees and plan interventions in the same movement, or to intervene in a precise way using GPS coordinates of a place previously reported . The applications are many …

Interested in a custom solution?

If for any reason you are interested in a custom solution or wish to propose a project that needs a solution geotracking you can contact us …